10 Ways to Make Money Online with Only $10

When you see the title of this blog post, I know this post on 10 ways to make money online with only $10 is being met with a lot of skepticism. I mean why not? There are a lot of tools and systems online that claim to be push-button simple and paint by numbers. Well if it’s so easy why do over 90% of people involved with online opportunities make less than $10?

If you’re thinking, “where did he pull that stat out of?” You guessed it… out of my a**! Having said that, the rest of the information I’m going to share in this post I have earned money doing and or continue to earn an income whether residually or services I provide. So hold all of your thoughts, preconceived notions, and everything your significant other has told you about scams on the internet until you read this entire post.

10 Ways to make money online with only $10 or less.

10 Ways to Make Money Online w/Only $10 or Less

1. Host a Website
Host a website for a friend, family member, or business owner. Most people think all of this online stuff is really technical. Even if it is to you they generally have step-by-step tutorials or you can just find information on YouTube. Host a website for a few bucks a month or for a business charge $20 bucks a month.

Get Web Hosting Now for a $1 Trial

2. Build a Website
Obviously if you are going to be hosting a website for someone you mine as well take the time to learn how to build a website. After all, hosting is just the start. It’s like you have purchased the land. Now, just like in real estate, you have to develop the land. Hence the term… web developer.

Depending on the size of the site and how many pages the site needs, you can get paid as little as $200 dollars to $2,000 and beyond simply for having the know how to build a website. Will you magically know how to build a website overnight? Maybe not. However, if you take the time to invest time in training and watching videos for an hour a day, you could easily know how to build a website in 30 days NO PROBLEM! So outside of the cost of TIME… the hosting is less than $10 bucks EASY!


3. Make Changes to Existing Websites
Once you acquire basic website skills, you will notice web development having it’s subtle differences, are not too foreign to one another. By nature you begin to understand HTML, CSS (to some degree), and maybe even php. Not that you have to be a whiz by any means since most people barely know how to change and edit text on a website without getting into trouble. Possessing the knowledge and skill of websites will pay handsomely even making minor changes to other people’s websites. This can include small businesses too.

Cost to Make Changes to a Website = TIME (NOT EVEN A LOT OF IT)

4. Basic SEO
S.E.O. stands for search engine optimization. I’m sure you have been on Google or another search engine to lookup information. Whether it’s a local business, directions, how-to information, or a product review for potential purchase. Search Engine Optimized content is how information is indexed and found on the internet.

Take the 2 examples below. The first example is an unoptimized image on a local website (notice it’s only title is service … not AC Repair Service Phoenix) NON Optimized Image for a website VS The 2nd example is an optimized image on a local website (notice the title of the image…clearly optimized for the niche). Optimized image for a local pool maintenance company 5. Email Marketing
Most websites, including those owned by small businesses lack web forms to collect email data from it’s website visitors. Once you possess a working knowledge of how to perform even the basic of email marketing tasks there are NO shortage of local businesses you can serve simply by taking over their email marketing campaigns. Heck, I know most salon owners have email addresses in their CRMs and NEVER send out emails because they don’t know how.

10 Ways to Make Money Online with $10 using email marketing and Customizing forms

This is not a live email marketing form. DON’T OPT IN!

6. Custom Email Forms
There is a market for creating custom email forms. Look around… I bet you can see the stock forms from the most popular email marketing software providers on the market. Knowing this, I bet their emails are pretty pedestrian too. Create a better and more customized form for the potential business owner. It’s a great foot in the door strategy that won’t cost you any extra money. Your only cost…TIME!

7. Video Services
Install or embed video for the websites and other social media properties. Again, not to beat a dead horse while it’s dead! Business owners (or at least most of the one’s I come across) barely know the passwords to their websites never mind “embedding” video on to their sites. There are a ton of video services you can provide to local business owners. Creating video for local businesses pays handsomely for your time investment. Earn $50-$500 for the type of video, level of production, editing, and quality of the video.

8. Video SEO
Video SEO requires no actual product. All you need is a video and know the ins and out of how to rank video and you may have put your client’s content on the first page of Google. YouTube is the #2 search engine on the planet. People who are looking and searching for answers to their problems. Video is engaging, entertaining, and enlightening. Video SEO can instantly give a business, a product, or service instant visibility to those who are searching on the internet.

I know, I can say I have ranked video and I’m on page 1 for: “Best Marketer in Phoenix”. Check it out here for yourself! #imjustsayin

10 Ways to Make Money Online with $10 Video SEO and Ranking Video online

 Ask me and I can share you client videos I have ranked on the 1st page of the search engines.

Here is 1 of the info products I purchased from Ray the Video Guy that gives you a SOLID STEP-by-STEP method to ranking video and has a community of people willing to help you.


9. Create Video
Yes, you don’t have to be Steven Spielberg to create a video. You can create slideshows for local business owners and online marketers. You can create talking head videos of product and services. Whatever the case… creating video is not like days of old when you needed a camcorder, a tripod, and all kinds of other fancy equipment. Today you just need a smartphone and an idea and you are off to the races, edited and uploaded within 30 minutes. Promote affiliate products that can earn you commission and VOILA!!! Cash on demand***. How’s that for creating cash out of thin air?

10. Mobile Optimization/Mobile Websites10 ways to make money online with $10 using mobile marketing.
Today, mobile devices have surpassed desktop devices for search. On a daily basis people are looking for directions, calling to place to go orders, and making calls and inquiries to their prospective businesses.

This is your opportunity to create what can be a mockup or partially working mobile website as a foot in the door strategy to get a meeting with the business owner or decision maker.

There are SEVERAL mobile platforms online where you can get a 7 Day Trial for $1. This is more than enough time to target, talk to, and close a potential client and customer. Because unless you see a phonebook in the vicinity, chances are the business owner uses their smartphone for the same tasks mentioned above.

Business owners want to keep new customer calls coming in along with the cash-flow. Not having a mobile optimized website for a local business is the equivalent to referring their own customers to their competition.

***Results Vary! We make no promises that any of these strategies actually work! I mean seriously who actually buys stuff off of the internet these days?***