1st Sale Online is a Game of Firsts

Struggling to make your fist sale online? Internet marketing and working from home can be tough if you’re not making money and sales from the very beginning. What most will not tell you is this; “IT’S OK!” As your skills continue to progress you will start to have success.

a game of firstsSuccess can be a lot of different things. Success can be completing an action. Success can be accomplishing even a simple task as setting up your auto responder.

Success can also be creating your first video. What you must stay focused on is being ok with WHERE YOU HAVE COME FROM!

You also SHOULD CELEBRATE all the small WINS! Why? Because a lot of the very SMALL wins were at one time a HUGE obstacle.

Remember when you bought your domain name and got hosting? Maybe you don’t even understand how to upload a graphic never mind a video.

Internet marketing is a GAME FIRSTS

-Your 1st Blog Post
-Your 1st Banner Graphic
-Your 1st Video
-Your 1st Training/Tutorial
-Your 1st Auto Responder
-Your 1st Email
-Your 1st Video
-Your 1st Capture Page
-Your 1st Lead
-Your 1st Phone Call
-Your 1st Conference Call
-Your 1st Hangout

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Then FINALLY!! After all of the posting, ads, and click tracking YOU SOMEHOW make your 1st EVER SALE ONLINE!

Look at all that you have accomplished. It’s NO WONDER why the 1st sale is the HARDEST! And why the rest just seem to come easier and easier as you continue to do all the above over and over and over again.

excited baby has 1st winYes, I know all this sounds like complete rocket science right? Well, I don’t know of any rocket scientists who earn residual income online. Of course there has to be at least a few. I’m just having a conversation with you to share my personal struggles wit you and how I was able to overcome those struggles to generate more and more sales on a monthly basis.

Like 1 step at a time… you have begun the journey and you are well on your way! The 1st step everyday is to accomplish the the 1st of EVERYTHING listed above and YOU WILL EARN YOUR 1st SALE ONLINE! Then you will be as excited as a baby who accomplished something NEW! Internet marketing is a game of firsts.