4 Things Leaders Do

While there is a long exhaustive list of what leaders do, there are 4 things I have noticed that exceptional leaders do. In any business, company, job, relationship, or life you can bet these 4 leadership traits will always be noticeable amongst true leaders. What are the 4 things leaders do and how you can emulate their success?

1. Leaders Learn
“Leaders are readers.” I heard that saying so many times and at one point in my life I actually didn’t like to read. When I started to read books it opened my mind to what was possible and gave me insights to how successful people think. However, knowledge without action will not help you much. Maybe you have heard this too…

4 Things leader do to earn more residual income and more results

Want to Earn More Residual Income? Do what leaders do!

“To know and not to do, is not to know.” The skills need to be learned. How do leaders learn? By doing. So I like to say that “Leaders are Learners!” They are always learning and doing new things well before it is considered popular. And in a world where most people don’t like change, leaders realize change is essential and one of the only constants and it’s essential to growth. Growth in every aspect of our lives. Spiritually, physically, and financially. Especially when it comes to the internet. What worked last year probably is not working this year… because of CHANGE!

2. Leaders Listen
Have you ever had a conversation with someone and it only seems like they listen to respond to everything you say? Leaders generally are great listeners. They listen to other leaders, their peers, their employees, and are good confidants. There is a saying, that you have 2 ears, 2 eyes, and 1 mouth. Use them in proportion. Well in our me first society we already know how opinionated people can be ESPECIALLY with social media. Leaders often listen to problems and try to discover new ways to solving problems in their communities.

3. Leaders Leverage
It doesn’t matter what business or industry, leaders use leverage and are often times the best at it. They leverage relationships and resources to get the desired outcome, which is RESULTS. With leaders the outcome is generally not the end all be all but comes as a result of serving others and helping them get what they want.

Video helps leaders do EXACTLY that. Leverage! Leverage relationships, resources, time, and technology all in 1 shot. I know I’m sounding like a broken record now, but if you’re not using video in your marketing efforts you are sorely missing out.

Leaders Get RESULTS TOO!



4. Leaders Love
Leaders love what they do. They are passionate about what they do. They are passionate about people. You can’t see people’s true emotions speaking typingese on the internet. Just like with text messaging, things get lost in translation. On video you can see how someone reacts, you can hear the inflection of their voice, you can identify with the person they are. You simply can’t do that sitting behind a computer.

In a previous blog post I shared how “Success Leaves Clues.” (you can read it here). Below, I share that sentiment with a Tony Robbins video below. Ask yourself this question? Which person are you in the video?

Want to be a leader? Do the 4 Things Leaders Do!