5 Reasons to Seriously Consider Gotbackup

Over the past couple of years GVO/Pure Leverage has been undergoing some changes and while a couple of highly anticipated information products have yet to hit the market… the Instant Income System and Free Marketing Lifestyle has been a HUGE SUCCESS. The best is yet to come. GotBackup made it’s debut to GVO/Pure Leverage customers over the last year as a beta launch. President and CEO Joel Therien noticed a whopping 92% retention rate from the customers during the beta launch and now they are getting ready to launch GotBackup to the world with their public launch.





Below are 5 Reasons Why You Should SERIOUSLY Consider GotBackup

1. Simple to Use and Ridiculously Easy-to-Understand Product What is Gotbackup? Gotbackup is a cloud based backup protection software you can use to protect all of your precious files on your computer. From graphics, family pictures, tax documents, music, videos, and much more. If you have ever lost files on your computer you know how much of a headache it can be to try and retrieve those files. Gotbackup gives you complete restore in just a couple of clicks. Check Out the Quick Video Below!

  2. Long Term Residual Income is Tied to Software/Services Software is one of the easiest products to promote to generate long term residual income. Dropbox and other cloud based software products generate recurring revenue from monthly subscriptions. Same with hosting companies GoDaddy, and even other entertainment subscription services like RedBox.

Did You Know You Can Earn Lifetime Residual Income with GVO

3. Each Lead You EVER Generate is Locked in and Tied to You Unlike other affiliate related programs where you can do all of the work, then your potential prospect goes to search google and joins someone else’s team… once you generate a lead with Gotbackup, Pure Leverage, Free Marketing Lifestyle, or the Instant Income System… your leads are tracked and tied to you.

4. Earn Commissions for a Lifetime With Gotbackup being a simple product to understand and priced below $10 per month. It’s a no brainer offer for people who are in network marketing, affiliate marketing, or other home based and work from home opportunities. Check out the compensation plan below.

Get Started Now with Your $1 Trial

5. Get Started for $1 Yes, get started for as low as 1 measly buck when you get started today with this AMAZING product. While you may be asking yourself…. “what’s so amazing about a backup service?” Well, I use Gotbackup almost EVERY single day for extra file storage. Gotbackup also allows users to share files publicly or with an email address. It’s added storage and convenience as well.

You can take Gotbackup for a test drive with a 30 Day NO QUESTIONS ASKED MONEY BACK LOVE IT OR IT’S FREE GUARANTEE.