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Beach Money. One of my favorite books.First and foremost I AM a child of God and Christ follower. I believe in the transformative power of what Jesus has done for us on the cross and we are Saved by Grace through Faith! Having said that, there is a level of faith and belief you must first reach before you can attempt to do anything worthwhile for you and those around you.  There’s nothing better than living a spirit filled life of freedom!

Secondly, I love to read personal development books. Some of my favorite authors include Malcolm Gladwell, Chip and Dan Heath, Seth Godin, Robert Kiyosaki, Napolean Hill, and many more. I have tons of books and would love to exchange and chat over some of yours. Apart from my favorite authors, some of my favorite books include Beach Money, $100 Startup, Steal Like an Artist, and Delivering Happiness.

Lastly, I LOVE MARKETING. All kinds. Call it an addiction, call it obsession, or call it whatever you want.I spend hours on the computer reading, learning, applying, testing, and tweaking much of what I have learned online.

The internet is always changing. That’s why I LOVE PURE LEVERAGE and GVO. When I first looked at this company a few years ago I didn’t even understand hosting. I have come a long way. And with all the “push button” simple and duplicatable programs out there to make your rich by the 3rd day… it’s actually refreshing to hear Joel Therien say that internet marketing is actually HARD WORK.

GVO/Pure Leverage is always creating new funnels and tools to help and serve the community to be successful in whatever business or opportunity you are in! I look forward to connecting with you, serving you, and helping you grow your business… it doesn’t matter what business that is.

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