Why would you want to join the Fan Page System?
The Fan Page System will help you generate generic home based business leads who are already exposed to network marketing. All without having to do your own advertising. That’s why this program is so successful, because Joel Therien is running paid advertising to posts that generate leads in addition to members liking, commenting, and sharing posts related to the Fan Page System. This help the posts get more social reach on Facebook.

My Fan Page System Review: Can You Really Make a Full Time Income with the Fan Page System?

Fan Page System Review

I wouldn’t go as far to say that if you’re 100% new to online marketing, that you will make a full-time income. I would say that even if you don’t have any experience and you haven’t made a single dollar online that you can make money if you follow this program and take the action steps.


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Do I Have to UPGRADE to Pure Leverage to Generate Leads?
NO, you don’t have to upgrade to generate leads using the Fan Page System, however, you will be limited to the amount of leads you can email with your lead capture system. You can promote ANY product, service, software, or home based business opportunity you want to promote with the Fan Page System.

Do I Have to UPGRADE to Make Money with the Fan Page System?
Yes, you MUST upgrade to generate an income using this system. The Fan Page System is a 100% FREE system so that user’s can upgrade to the paid system which is Pure Leverage. Pure Leverage is a suite of internet marketing tools that every business needs to grow their business online. This includes a turn key blogging system, done-for-you lead capture system, an suto-responder, video email system, and video conferencing software solution.

The total to upgrade is $24.95 for the tools and $19.95 for the affiliate license fee.

The affiliate license fee gives you the ability to promote and sell the Pure Leverage tool suite and generate 100% commissions.

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