FREE Coaching by a 8 Figure Earner in Internet Marketing

If you’re tired of all the “push-button hype” that is littered around the internet and you want NO frills, NO hype, and real internet coaching from an 8 figure earner in internet marketer online… then read the rest of this post and watch the video below.




FML and no it doesn’t mean F*&% My Life… it means Free Marketing Lifestyle. It’s a FREE Coaching Program by Joel Therien of GVO/Pure Leverage.

This program is designed to get a newbie marketer, network marketer, or affiliate marketer the right tools and training to have success in their online. This is a FREEMIUM model designed to give subscribers FREE but limited use of the very tools every business owners needs to be successful online. These tools include;

1. Webpage to capture leads
2. Autoresponder to follow up with leads
3. Video Storage to build know, like, and trust
4. Video email to engage your prospects
5. Video conferencing solution to present and close your prospects

You’re probably asking yourself… FREE! What’s the catch? There is none. NO catch, NO tricks, NO gimmicks, NO credit card required.


YES! All the tools will be FREE in limited use. You get a lead capture page and autoresponder is limited to 10 subscribers. If you’re next questions is “what can someone do with 10 subscribers” The 10 subscribers builds confidence in your user base and helps them to become comfortable with the tools. Once they are comfortable with the tools or need to upgrade their use of the tools, they will upgrade directly to using the  Pure Leverage suite of tools.

There are 3 reasons to consider adding this program to your arsenal of affiliate products, tools, and training.

1. It’s FREE
There is NO Internal pressure to “make money!” Your subscribers will upgrade organically as they get results and start to have success from the training offered by Joel Therien and the Pure Leverage Team.

2. Earn Commissions
You have the ability to earn commissions by giving away FREE internet marketing coaching and training from a 7 figure earner in the industry.
3. NO credit Card Required
No credit card required to get started or to gain access to the members area. Create your account, get in, and get going!