Free Marketing Lifestyle F.A.Q.S

With new programs always comes new questions. In the blog post I’m going to answer the Frequently Asked Questions about the Free Marketing Lifestyle you did not even know to ask.

For starters I have had customers of GVO try to sign up for the Free Marketing Lifestyle and the system says they already have an account, but they don’t see any capture page URLS. Joel Therien responded that all the URLS work no matter if you are a GVO or Pure Leverage customer. The difference is as a GVO customer, you would miss out on commissions if not upgraded to either GotBackup or Pure Leverage.

This is because those programs comes with a the option of a licensed reseller fee of $14.95

Free Marketing Lifestyle FAQs

Can I Promote FML as a GVO Customer?
So if you’re a GVO member only… yes you can promote the Free Marketing Lifestyle, however, you may want to consider upgrading once you have a healthy amount of lead capture,s simply because the numbers bear out that some WILL EVENTUALLY UPGRADE.

Simply replace the “username” with your username and when a subscriber opts in to the capture page, the subscriber now becomes your own lead. Once your subscriber has opted in… a NEW LEAD CAPTURE menu will appear with your lead capture system lists.

Which Capture Pages Do I Use to Promote FML?
Capture Page 1 (without video)

Capture Page 2 (with video)

While there is a member’s area for NEW signups for the Free Marketing Lifestyle, ALL the TRAINING/CONTENT for the Free Marketing Lifestyle will be placed on Joel Therien’s Blog. The titles and descriptions of each blog post in the Free Marketing Lifestyle are below and will be updated on a regular basis.

FREE Marketing Lifestyle Video #1
Your Whole Focus is on Generating a Name and Email and a Relationship.

FREE Marketing Lifestyle – Why
Why Start a Business and What do You Need to Get Started

Focus on your “Why” and keep moving forward!

FREE Marketing Lifestyle Video #2 
How to Generate Leads and Possibly Sales Today

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