Getting Started with GVO

Did you just get started with GVO or Pure Leverage? This post will share and answer the most common questions about GVO. Why I also include Pure Leverage is because there are many Pure Leverage users who don’t know what GVO is or how it can help them with online marketing.

What is GVO?
GVO is a hosting company and the parent company of Pure Leverage, GOT Backup?, Host Then Profit, and the Instant Income System. I will go into more detail about diffrencences between these in later posts. If you have been online it is more than likely you have heard of companies such as GoDaddy, BlueHost, and Host Gator. All of the aforementioned companies are hosting companies. These companies are the land that you build internet real estate on in the form of websites and web properties. Without web hosting the internet would cease to exist!

While these companies all offer other services including domain name registration, SSL certification, and domain name privacy protection, I just wanted to briefly explain how you could associate GVO with other similar companies.

GVO was founded over 14 Years ago in Scherz, Texas by CEO & President Joel Therien.


Who Buys GVO?
Anyone who is looking to have or build a stand alone capture page, blog, e-commerce site, or ANY other kind of website. Websites for home businesses, brick and mortar businesses, affiliate marketers, and network marketers. People who are passionate about their hobbies… crafters, musicians, artists, etc… you name it. ANYONE who is looking to have or increase their internet presence should AND CAN have their OWN STAND ALONE WEBSITE and GVO gives you the place to do EXACTLY that.

Why Do You Need GVO if You Already Have Pure Leverage?
Pure Leverage is an affiliate marketing opportunity where licensed affiliates have the ability to earn 100% commissions. While some aspects of the Pure Leverage authority blog is customizable… it has what it called “multi user” functionality. This means while the websites on the network can share CERTAIN themes and plugins, it does  NOT allow you the ability to add your own WordPress plugins individually.

How Much Does GVO Cost?
It all depends on which hosting package you choose. There are several packages to choose from. There is a short list below. You can also visit the GVO home page on the main website.

Personal Web Hosting
1. Personal Web Hosting $5.56/Month Paid Annually or $7.16/Month Paid Monthly
2. Business Web Hosting (10 Domains)
3. Enterprise Web Hosting (20 Domains)

Reseller Web Hosting
Unlimited Accounts with FREE Marketing Tools
Becoming a hosting reseller allows you to sell hosting at your own pricing. You have the ability to host an unlimited amount of domain names and

GVO Reseller Hosting Package

Create your own hosting packages and charge what you like, keeping 100% of the profits.

One of the BEST benefits is not having to pay for your year of hosting up front and all at once. GVO allows it’s users to pay monthly. This is great for those who want to get started with a personal hosting plan for as little as $5 a month and can grow their amount of websites as they make more money with their passions or business opportunities online.

List of Other GVO Benefits Included with Your Hosting Account:
-Comes with the e-responder. An email autoresponder to collect email addresses of your website visitors.
– eVideo Producer – Host and store up to 5 videos with your personal web hosting account
-Done for you banner ads to promote GVO to your website visitors
-GVO Conference software to connect with up to 5 team members and prospects is a private virtual meeting room
-GVO Academy is live weekly training to help you grow your business using the POWER of the INTERNET

Can I Make Money w/GVO?
Absolutely, with every one of GVO’s products you have the ability to promote. Some for an additional fee. However, as a member of Host Then Profits or ANY of the reseller packages you have the ability to earn additional income with GVO.


ANYONE or EVERYONE who is looking to build and online presence or a website absolutely needs hosting. If that’s the case, wouldn’t it make sense to be able to provide a service that you can be paid for life (who gets rid of their hosting)? Once a customer has a website it is UNLIKELY that they will ever get rid of it… plus GVO pays RESIDUAL INCOME and BONUSES for the amount of customers you acquire. That’s why GVO Hosting is a great opportunity for affiliate marketers, network marketers, small business owners, and entrepreneurs. All the tools EVERY business owner needs to create a successful business online.