How to Replace the Ugly Opt In Form

Now I’m going to show you how to replace the ugly opt in form I made in the previous video which was about how to create an email opt in form with eResponder Pro. Like I mentioned in a previous video and post, I personally like to use AWeber as my auto responder of choice because of the ability to customize forms. I’ve been creating these videos as part of a 10 day video challenge.

This challenge came about as a result of a Google Hangout  I was a part of with a Google community called the Work from Home Opportunities community. Want to get access to this amazing community? Just CLICK HERE to access the community now. You can also watch one of the Google Hangouts we had recently.

I digress! Back to ugly email opt in forms. By the time I finished the video, I realized that most people would think that the email form was ugly. Heck, I thought it was ugly. However, many times you will only have to use the form code to integrate with different tools like squeeze pages, other plugins and software tools.

I decided to take a wide opt in form and place it on it’s own page. How the subscriber gets to the page is by clicking on one of the widget areas on the right hand side of the blog, then they would be presented with a video and an offer to receive more information.

Here is EXACTLY what the new opt in form looks like below: YES! That is a live form… enter your name and email if you would like to sign up to receive the “3 Video SECRETS NO One Has Told You About and How It’s Costing You TONS of Money!”


Once your initial opt in form is created, it’s pretty easy to get the HTML form code to place on your website. Here’s how to replace an ugly opt in form using eResponder Pro. Once you have logged in to your GVO member’s area.

1. Click on the “AUTO RESPONDER” tab on the left hand side
2. Ensuring you have the right campaign selected for the form you are creating.
3. Click on the “FORMS” tab
4. Click on the “FORM WIZARD” link under the forms section
5. In the main area of the page, Click on the “WIDE OPTIN LINK”
6. Click on the form you would like to place on your webpage

7. Select the campaign for the form you are using
8. Designate an ad tracking for your form. This can be a specific page or from the traffic you are designating for the form (this step is optional)
9. Type call to action button (optional)
10. Hit the create button
11. Copy HTML form code from the clipboard

Go the webpage/blog that you want to insert the form code onto. On WordPress you must select the “Text” tab function on the page.

VOILA! You now have a nicer looking form on a web page. Will you possibly miss out on more options? Who knows! The only and best way to find out is by testing it for yourself. By your website visitor actually clicking on a widget are shows they are interested and have intent for your offer.