Lead Generation

How to Generate Leads Online in 4 Simple Steps

1. Set Up Your Auto Responder
GVO and Pure Leverage comes with an auto responder. Personally (this is my opinion), it’ a lot harder to customize forms using the auto responder from GVO/Pure Leverage than it is to customize an AWeber form. If you are on a budget I HIGHLY recommend you use GVO/Pure Leverage auto responder. I like to say “get in where you fit in.”

Sign up for GVO for $9.95 per month and host 4 domains. Sign up for Pure Leverage for $25.95 per month. There is an additional $19.95 charge per month to become an affiliate and resell Pure Leverage for 100% commissions.

OR Get AWeber for a $1 Trial for 30 Days! (Affiliate Link-Use this link and I will build you a customized form for your campaign after the 30 day trial has ended).

2. Offer Something of Value
Don’t make this complicated. The key to remember is your offer has to be of value, must be specific, and must be what your end user wants. Here is an example. “How to capture 37 leads per day using 4 simple steps.” This is called your lead magnet. You can also buy a lead magnet known as PLR. However, PLR also requires an investment (however you can brand the content to yourself as if you own it or created it).

3. Create Content for Lead Magnet
This can be a video series, PDF, PLR, audios, ebooks, etc. Again don’t make this complicated. There is tons of FREE training on the internet on exactly how to do this (YouTube). I have more than a few videos on this very topic. However, this is a whole notha training for a different day.

4. Integrate Auto Responder
To collect subscribers information you must integrate your auto responder with your lead magnet. This is to give your subscriber the information. Is this a download? Is it access to a web page? Are you redirecting them to an affiliate offer? Once you have integrated all the proper URLs with your auto responder, you just test it to make sure everything works and complete your auto responder sequence. Would you like me to hold you by the hand and help you generate your first lead online? Check out this AWESOME piece of software now.

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