New Custom Capture Page Creator by Pure Leverage

Recently Joe Therien of GVO/Pure Leverage leaked a video about a new custom capture page creator coming soon to the suite of tools associated with Pure Leverage. Watch the video below.

Here is a tool that is going to make you drool! I have been with Pure Leverage for a while but I didn’t actively promote it for a few reasons.

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1. Ability to Customize Capture Pages
While the capture pages are great for people who do not know how to customize capture pages (plug and play), you are limited by the amount of capture pages that GVO/Pure Leverage, and Instant Income System creates for you. While this is great for people who use Facebook for instance, you may have wanted to customize your pages even more. You could NOT with the Pure Leverage platform so you had to have a stand alone website or use some other capture page creating software that often could cost you $25 to $100/per month.

pure leverage custom capture page creator

This option is not duplicatable for MOST people especially for new and inexperienced marketers.

2. Could Not Customize the Email Opt-in Forms
With GVO/PURE Leverage you also didn’t have the ability to completely customize the opt-in forms generated for email marketing. Again, while this is great for the newbie and inexperienced marketer who is just looking for a point and click solution, the tools are great! However, this also limits you as a marketer to completely customize pages for different opportunities, local businesses, or other affiliate marketing programs and even when you could, unless you are a coder and understand CSS, you really only had the opportunity to change the background of the form.

For customized email marketing opt in forms I always used AWeber as my email marketing solution.

With their NEW Custom Capture Page Creator Pure Leverage customers will now have the ability to integrate 3rd party auto responders like AWeber and Get Response (I’m sure there will be others).

Pure Leverage Custom Capture Page Creator

This will certainly give you as an affiliate of Pure Leverage to increase sales with a tool that is an OBVIOUS no brainer for internet marketers whether it comes as a stand alone product or with a Pure Leverage suite of tools (at this point this is PURELY SPECULATION) because this product has not been released to the public as of this posting date.