NEW: FREE Funnel to Help You EXPLODE Your Business

FREE Funnel to Help You Grow Your Business

Joel Therien of GVO/Pure Leverage just announced a NEW FREE Funnel to help you explode your online business. The best part is… it’s NOT just only for Pure Leverage, GotBackup, and Instant Income System affiliates… but for ANYONE looking to build or grow an online business.

Why the NEW Funnel:
Joel Therien explains in this blog post why commercials change and why they have added another funnel. In marketing when new products and services come out, commercials have a shelf life of around 90 days. The internet works the same way. When something new comes out or “launches” there is a ton of interest at the beginning and later that interest begins to fade. That’s why companies are always creating new products and “repurposing” their core products to create new interest.



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Some Confusion:
Joel admits to there being a lot of confusion amongst the products and services under the GVO umbrella. This NEW funnel provides people with a basic understanding and basic use of all the core GVO/Pure Leverage tools by offering bare bones use of their auto-responder, video storage, and video conferencing software solutions all for FREE with the GOAL of the free users later upgrading to a paid subscription to one or ALL of the GVO/Pure Leverage programs.



What is the NEW Funnel Called:
The new funnel is called the Free Marketing Lifestyle. My guess is that the internet provides people the ability to live their lives on their terms with the freedom that the internet offers. While there is a learning curve with most of the solutions under the GVO umbrella… the Free Marketing Lifestyle will look to shorten that learning curve while be mentored by world class internet marketers.

How Do You Benefit From This FREE Funnel:
Simply giving away the use of these tools, your prospects are given immediate access to the Free Marketing Lifestyle. When and if they decide to upgrade, you will receive commissions for those who have previously signed up to use the FREE program through your affiliate link.