Getting Started with GVO

Did you just get started with GVO or Pure Leverage? This post will share and answer the most common questions about GVO. Why I also include Pure Leverage is because there are many Pure Leverage users who don’t know what GVO is or how it can help them with online marketing.

What is GVO?
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How to Earn $20 This Weekend

The FREE Marketing Lifestyle is EXPLODING! And if you are not PAYING ATTENTION you may want to STARTING NOW! But first let me explain how you can EARN $20 THIS WEEKEND with a simple promotion.

Joel Therien is having a contest. For each new subscriber (minimum of 20) you attract into this FREE opportunity, you can earn $20.

That is $1 for EVERY NEW SUBSCRIBER who signs up for the Free Marketing Lifestyle

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Free Marketing Lifestyle Bonus

FREE Marketing Lifestyle Bonus for New Signups. Joel Therien of GVO/Pure Leverage is an 8 Figure Earner online and is giving away 50 seats to his free coaching program. If you want to add an additional 6 figures to your business with effective online marketing strategies then I highly recommend you join this FREE mentoring and Coaching program.

We all know the yellow pages are dead and virtually 100% of your potential customers are looking for Continue reading

FML = The Free Marketing Lifestyle

What is the Free Marketing Lifestyle? Before I share what it is, let me ask you a question… if you had the chance to be mentored by a 7 figure online marketer and he gave you all tools and strategies he used to build his business, how much would you pay for that type of coaching and mentoring?

Well, what if I told you, you could receive this weekly coaching once a week and 100% FREE of CHARGE… would you still be interested?

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Who Do You Listen To?


WARNING: When building a business online, be careful of who you listen to. The video below reveals a tactic that many online marketers use to bait you into buying their products. In this EXAMPLE, a shady, but common practiced used to attract interested prospects. The problem…. this is a form of deception…. and at the very least it’s a  sleight of hand trick that makes up part of the distrust that comes with internet marketing.


Watch the video below and feel free to leave a comment.
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