Success Leaves Clues

If you are in personal development, I’m sure you have heard this at least once or twice. And that is success leaves clues. The network marketing and affiliate marketing programs of today are littered with simple, easy, duplicatable systems. However, the creators of these systems, although using pieces, are not fully practicing what they preach.

During some video training a while back I noticed this very important point. DON’T DO WHAT THEY SAY… DO WHAT THEY DO! 



For this example I’m going to use the opportunity who pioneered 100% Commissions (I won’t mention them by name). I’m sure you remember the simple 3 step process and slogan that has become almost cult-like. Which was to Blog, Tell Others, and Get Money (success leaves clues). When I would check up on many of the “average people” who were making tons of money online ( because I was not having ANY success), I would come to the realization that most of the “LEADERS” were doing this…

  • Creating Generic Videos
  • Sending Traffic to a GENERIC Capture Page on their OWN BLOG or Website
  • Buying Traffic in the Form of Ads

Seldomly did I find leaders who were really blogging everyday. I actually found a leader who admittedly NEVER BLOGS!


I can’t say I’m surprised and I can’t say that blogging doesn’t work. I can safely admit…EVERYTHING WORKS IF YOU DO! The issue is how many people make it sound as if it is REALLY EASY and PUSH BUTTON simple.

The issue is how many people make it sound as if it is REALLY EASY and PUSH BUTTON simple. -Success Leaves Clues

Even as I share this post, I can remember back to a time when I really didn’t know what to write about. I would only write about my opportunity. You know, all the feature and benefits. I bet you have heard this too… FACTS TELL STORIES SELL.

After reading tons of personal development books, consuming tons of video trainings, attending tons of webinars, and watching ENDLESS HOURS OF YOUTUBE TUTORIALS. I now can zip out a 400 to 500 word blog post in 1 sitting and in under 10 minutes. Not because I suddenly got the POP… or something just CLICKED. It’s because I have worked hard on acquiring the skills and have never given up. I currently possess way to much in my mind than I ever will have the time to express… and even get onto a blog posts.


Here’s the point. I don’t know where you are in your journey or in your business. I ONLY know if there is a destination you want to get to, there is NO PUSH BUTTON system available that is going to get you the results now (not unless you teleport to your desired destination).

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I can say, that if you have purchased systems, training, tools, and software that… they all work. The question you should ask yourself is… have you actually committed to LEARNING EVERY SINGLE DAY AND PUTTING INTO ACTION what you learn CONSISTENTLY? Or do you just do what people say?