Tube Caller Increases Your YouTube Traffic by 30% or More

Would you like to increase clicks, leads, conversions, and click-to-calls? Ever since YouTube added the ability to put clickable links in videos, people have been asking if it is possible to have ‘click to call’ buttons in the videos. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem like this was possible. That was until recently until Ray Lane aka ‘Ray The Video Guy’ figured out a way to finally do it!

Check Out Tube Caller Increase Your YouTube Traffic

Through the use of annotations and YouTube Cards, along with what he calls his ‘magic code’, you can now have clickable buttons in your videos, that when clicked, make a phone call!

click to call problem

YES, click to call buttons directly from inside your YouTube videos!


This is great for local businesses, lead generation, direct sales companies, service providers and people doing pay per call videos!

In as little as 10 minutes (seriously…. no joke), you could be increasing the call volume from your videos by 30% or more simply adding YouTube cards to your videos.

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Check out Tube Caller & see how it all works!