What is Got Backup?

Have you ever had a virus affect your computer? Have you ever lost information or important files due to your computer crashing… or worse yet, have you ever had your laptop stolen?

Most people NEVER use a backup system to store their data until it’s actually necessary or after a loss. When I say data, I’m not just referring to passwords, accounting files, work files, and images. I am also referring to the pictures from the holidays, vacations, and fun times with friends, family, and loved one’s. The stuff that really matters.

Do you have your devices backed up?

I’m going to guess that YOU (YES YOU!) own 1 or more of the following devices:
-Mobile device
-Smart phone
-Laptop computer
-Desktop computer

There is NOTHING Worse than Losing Your Smartphone or Laptop

Got BackUp is an online backup/storage solution by GVO to give you peace of mind that ALL your files will be securely stored away and backed up for retrieval when you need it. There is NOTHING worse than losing your smartphone or laptop and having to figure out ALL the passwords that need to be changed along with figuring out what data was actually lost.

Compare Got Backup to other software solutions in the marketplace. While there are many popular and well known options to choose from like Dropbox, box, and Carbonite. Got Backup is competitively priced to compete with these other storage solutions. What’s better is how using the service for FREE when you refer 2 other customers who use Got Backup. This product is limited to GVO and Pure Leverage customers as an internal pre-launch.

This product makes sense for you if you have content, files, and information storing up on your hard drive as well as a stand alone storage solution. If you are already using Dropbox, box, Amazon S3, or any similar cloud based storage solution, then Got Backup? maybe a product that makes sense for your opportunity.

You may just have also have tons of videos, image files, and tons of software eating up space on your hard drive. Does your storage situation look like this? Maybe this is an extreme example…

is this your online storage solution Call GotBackup

Check Out the Got Backup Video Below



  • Check out some of the Got Backup features:
  • Backup all of your PCs and Macs
  • Sync files between your computers
  • Your personal cloud storage space
  • Access files from any web browser
  • Access files from mobile device
  • Edit files in your web browser
  • Send files to your favorite social network
  • Access up to 30 previous versions of any file
  • Restore deleted files up to 30 days
  • Stream music and movies straight from Got Backup
  • Share files with friends and family
  • Safe and Secure

2 Ways to Earn Commissions with Got Backup?
-Refer others to use the service and earn 100% commissions on the first month and 50% recurring commissions every month thereafter.

-Check matching bonus on direct referrals who also refer others to  the Got Backup secure storage solution to their customers.

Check out GotBackup? pricing and features now.