What is GVO/Global Virtual Opportunities?

What is GVO? That is a common question amongst newbie marketers who get started in or are invited to participate in the Pure Leverage Community on Facebook.

While most people have dreams of earning an income online or working from home, the common perception is that working from home and making money online is suppose to be “easy.” Unfortunately, it’s a BIG LIE that has been sold, repurposed, and repackaged countless times in many work from home information products and home based business opportunities. Then, when 2 months go by and an individual does not make any money with their opportunity… it’s off to the next program of instant and “work for nothing and do nothing” riches.

What is GVO? GVO is NOT Push Button Riches Program

Unlike these other quick-to-make buck opportunities, there is one company who preaches a different message. And that is the President and CEO of GVO (Global Virtual Opportunities) Joel Therien. Joel has said several times in several of the opportunity calls hosted every Thursday evening at 8 p.m. E.S.T. that “if you are looking for push-button riches, this is not the opportunity for you.”




“If you are looking for push-button riches, this is not the opportunity for you.”

That is one of the many reasons of what attracted me to this hosting company GVO. In an effort to help individuals in the community and their prospects, I have created the video and this blog post to help educate someone who has NEVER interacted or does not know 1 thing about GVO as a company or opportunity.

What is GVO?
GVO is a hosting company. You won’t see GVO starring in any Super Bowl commercials anytime soon. It’s a company built by network marketers but not just for network marketers… but for local businesses, work from home professionals, affiliate marketers, consultants, and much more.


Why you should consider using GVO…. without hosting the internet would cease to exist. Anyone who is looking to start or build a web presence online needs to have their domain/website hosted somewhere on the internet. They will host their website somewhere online.


Whether that is with 1and1, GoDaddy, BlueHost, Hostgator, Fat Cow, and a myriad of other hosting companies in the marketplace. GVO provides hosting services to people around the world at an affordable price, with much more tools, and the ability to earn MONTHLY RESIDUAL INCOME for referring others. Do you know ANYONE looking to build their own website? If so what about GVO?






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