What is the Fanpage System?

GVO/Pure Leverage is launching a new program called the Fanpage System. The system is designed to help anyone who is in a work from home opportunity to generate leads and sales using the simple yet POWERFUL system.

Joel Therien, President and CEO of GVO/Pure Leverage has created what he is calling the simplest and most engaged marketing campaign in the home based business industry that takes away 90% of the technical hassles with growing a business online. 

What is the Fanpage System and
Can I Really Make Money With It?

That is a quote taken off of one of the capture pages user’s will have access to for generating leads. In a time where technology blocks and  hinders people from having success, this system is laid out into 3 simple steps to generate leads and convert sales with this simple process.

What is the Fanpage System?

Step 1 Like Share & Comment!

While it sounds rather simplistic. You’re probably wondering what kind of content will we be engaging with? Simple! Joel will be putting together and posting trainings on the GVO, Pure Leverage, and 7 Minute Workout pages that will be generic to all network marketers and home based business owners.

If you Can Like Things on Facebook You Can Make Money with This Program!

facebook fanpage system - create your free account

Step 2 Contact Your Leads

The content that is engaged with will also be boosted via Facebook advertising which will generate tons of leads. Leads will be dispersed among those who are taking action with the daily core commitments. However, you can use the EXACT same strategy Joel is using to generate your own leads.

Step 3 Follow Up via Autoresponder

Connect with your prospects and follow up via autoresponder. Prospects are looking for leaders in the marketplace. Sending an email to your warm market is another way to get prospects on board. Once they are in your autoresponder you can follow up with any emails, programs, or opportunities you want.

This includes all the products and services offered by GVO/Pure Leverage.

Fanpage System Step 3 Take Action

As of this date and recording of this video… the program has not launched yet! However, you can can get started with the Instant Income System, which is still used to generate leads and sales using Facebook!

Click not he Link Below and Get Started with the Instant Income System while waiting for the Fanpage System to launch.

As a BONUS for signing up now… you’re going to get 3 FREE downloads to use in your marketing.

Bonus #1 Email Swipes
These email swipes you can use in your autoresponder when the Fanpage System launches. There’s 3 weeks worth of emails to send to your subscribers.

Bonus #2 Warm market emails
These 3 emails will help you to reach out to people in your warm market or who have recently opted in so they can learn more about you on a personal level.

Bonus #3 Offline Marketing Strategy
You’ll receive an offline marketing strategy to help generate leads without having to use video or blogging. This strategy is proven to work if you follow it.
Sign up for the Fanpage System now and start earning a part time income using the power of Facebook!